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NILE with guest Abigail Williams & Hate Eternal



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NILE After two years since their last studio album "Ithyphallic", mighty US-American technical death metal masters NILE are finally back with new and exciting material – "Those Whom The Gods Detest" is a landmark release in the field of all things brutal yet technically refined. This album serves up a massive death metal onslaught featuring all the trademarks of the band – relentless brutality, Egyptian mythology, Middle Eastern interludes and incredible guitar duels and will show all youngsters and newcomers just who is the leader of the pack. Nile return to Australia to devastate the hordes of extreme metal fans and deliver us a true death metal knockout blow.

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS are nothing short of American black metal’s brave new saviours. With a gloriously grandiose and bombastic symphonic black metal sound that puts the lo-fi fumblings and meagre ambition of their few notable peers to shame, these young servants of the dark side stand proudly apart from the rest of America’s trends. Their latest offering “In The Shadow Of A Thousand Suns” is vicious, scything dark metal at its malevolent best; a swarming maelstrom of flesh-flaying riffs, inhuman screams and skull-flattening kick drums, topped with sumptuous orchestration and enough atmosphere and drama to set your brain spinning from the sheer. Abigail Williams rip into Australia for the first time.

HATE ETERNAL Started in 1997 by Erik Rutan of Morbid Angel and Ripping Corpse fame, Hate Eternal quickly became one of the most talked about extreme metal bands on the scene due to the band’s ability to create exceptional albums, tons of touring, and live shows that left fans hungering for more. Fury and Flames, the bands’ fourth studio album, marks the start of a new chapter in Hate Eternal’s already illustrious career. Upon the first spin, listeners will immediately be able to tell that Fury and Flames is the band’s most diverse and heavy chaotic and emotionally fuelled record to date. Five years on Hate Eternal explode back into Australia to remind us all just what this band is capable of.

NILE with Abigail Williams and Hate Eternal performing at:

FRIDAY MAY 21st @ The Basement, Auckland, Lic/AA*
SATURDAY May 22nd @ Bodega, Wellington, 18+*
TUESDAY MAY 25th @ Capitol, Perth, 18+*
WEDNESDAY MAY 26th @ Fowlers Live, Adelaide, Lic/ AA*
THURSDAY MAY 27th @ The Hifi, Melbourne, 18+
FRIDAY MAY 28th @ The Factory, Sydney, Lic/AA
SATURDAY MAY 29th @ The Hifi, Brisbane, 18+

*Abigail Williams not performing


Auckland/Wellington, Real Groovy,
Perth -, 78 Records , Mills Records
Adelaide -,
Melbourne –  , Missing Link Records
Sydney – , Utopia Records
Brisbane - , Rockinghorse Records, Moshpit Music

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